Amos Wenger (@nddrylliog) on August 02, 2011

Note: this post is archived from the now closed

Music is a part of our daily lives. The Web has forever changed the way we interact. Audio in the browser has been a reality for quite some time, through proprietary plug-ins.

But things are changing. New, powerful APIs are being drafted. People are coming together to build better technology for everyone. On GitHub alone, more than a million are collaborating.

Everyday, hackers come up with demos to show just how powerful web browsers have become, using Canvas, SVG, WebGL, File, Touch, Local Storage, Geo-location, Video, Audio, and even Joystick!

Pushing the web forward is not an easy task. Some W3C specifications have been on the battleground for years before reaching an agreement. Some browsers lag behind in implementation of proposals.

At ofmlabs, our mission is to:

  • Build open-source JavaScript libraries to abstract over browser differences
  • Collaborate with other projects to showcase the power of the web. invested money so that a team of 8 persons around the world can spend most of their time working on open-source projects to help the web grow up.

We hang out on IRC and collaborate with fellow developers on GitHub. We’re interested in meeting JS hackers around the world, so drop by and chat a little, you’re always welcome on our corner of the internet!

Since we just launched, things are looking a little bare here, but we’ll regularly post status updates on our work, with assorted demos. Follow us on Twitter if you want to have the inside scoop!

EDIT (2013-03-18): we no longer hang out on the #ofmlabs IRC channel. You can find us on #audiocogs on Freenode.