The Idea

At Audiocogs we want make the web a better place for audio, or better yet, make the web the best place for audio to be. We're a group of friends who used to work together in a research & development team dedicated to exactly this task, our work often being writing open source libraries that push the limits of the web as we know it. We've gone our separate ways professionaly, but we're still commited to the same goals and continue to pursue them on our own time.

We are working with a lot of cutting-edge technology that we believe shouldn't be cutting-edge anymore, trying to make the possibilities available to everyone, everywhere. This means JavaScript codecs, audio processing and other things that come with the territory. Pioneering on these new technologies, we also believe in good faith that we should communicate our learnings to give back to the community by blogging about our work, speaking about it publicly, and helping out in organizing events where this is possible.

Where to find us

We hang out on IRC. Join #audiocogs on Freenode.